Has this been going around anyone else's Facebook lately?

I've been seeing it linked to a bunch and I can't decide how I feel about it - I'm curious what GTers think because it's hard to be rational with body stuff for me, and I'm not a mom.

On the surface it seems great - like oh yeah, of course, we shouldn't let our insecurities stop us from enjoying life! Who doesn't agree with that message!

But my other reaction is oh god great - another thing for women to feel guilty about. Now if they're not confident in their bodies they're LETTING THEIR CHILDREN DOWN. Just another way to be a terrible mom, I guess. Not to mention just another subtle hint that as a woman, it should be the happiness of others that is what motivates you to do things.


(Note: Some of the comments are heartbreaking. One mom is all like "Yes, it's not my kid's fault that I'm fat, it's mine, so why should I let them suffer?" :( )