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Thoughts About This Poster Series on Street Harassment?

They're still in a very preliminary place but I still wanted to ask all of you thoughtful, lovely people what you think! The plan is to place these in some sort of male-dominated space (men's bathroom?) and arrange them so that they'll be encountered sequentially (not all at once, like you see them below).


I'm not 100% sure that I want to stick with this "Hey, gimme a smile" message... though all those "HEY GURL SMILE GURL" dudes are a special brand of street harasser that I find to be The Absolute Worst, this is already a thing that's been done (and done well). Still, I want the text to pull from more "complimentary" street harassment... nothing too blatantly hostile or threatening, since the point of this is to get guys to grasp how unwelcome and uncomfortable these seemingly non-threatening "compliments" are.


I'm also thinking about working with some less traditional media (if I do set this up in men's bathrooms, could I use the mirrors? Print on toilet paper?) but for now, I got some posters.


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