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Thoughts but no solutions

I’m putting a spacer just in case - below is a stream of consciousness about society’s thinking on sexual abuse.


The latest Catholic Church sex abuse scandal (and how disgusting that there’s been more than 2?!) has everyone talking about how the Church can only be fixed if they allow women and end the celibacy vow. They suggest this even as they hurry to say, of course married men and women commit sexual abuse as well, but really the main problem in THIS church is celibacy. But I think people are missing the point. It’s not that celibacy is drawing perverts to Catholicism, it’s that sexual abuse is a much MUCH bigger problem than people want to admit. Every church, every school, every sport, every art form EVERY walk of life has had someone or more than one someone in a power position abusing kids. And EVERY SINGLE TIME people have ignored it, gaslighted victims, and swept it under the rug until it got too big too ignore. At which point people fall all over themselves to insist it will be different from now on. A sentiment that lasts until the news cameras leave.

I feel like we need to look at child sex abuse (and adult sexual crimes for that matter) in a whole new way. Not as something that only icky slimy horrible strangers who look like end stage meth addicts and live in abandoned buildings and dirty vans do. But as something the apple cheeked blond haired blue eyed youth pastor does, or the winningest coach does, or the dance teacher that produces prima ballerinas does. In other words, people society thinks are NORMAL are doing this so maybe, just maybe, we should stop looking at everything through Norman Rockwell painting eyes and actually see what’s going on.

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