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Thoughts On 40th Anniversary (a few weeks ago) of Looking For Mr Goodbar?

I saw this movie twice, once in the 80s on tv with my late grandmother but not really paying attention then saw it in full unedited on HBO in the 90s. Has the movie aired since that time frame.

It was loosely based on the Roseann Quinn murder. A school teacher for the deaf in 1973 and killed by a man she brought to her apartment. The movie starred Diane Keaton and the killer was played by Tom Berenger. Interesting factoid Levar Burton was also in the movie.


Theresa (Quinn) was a very interesting character. I do not know how much of her life in the movie is real or not. It kept flashing back to her childhood and the months she spent in a cast for scoliosis (sp). It also showed her being brought up by strict Catholics.

Her college professor used her for sex in the movie that was an important part. He used her for sex. In fact except for her sister and her students no man loved her. The movie showed her as sexually liberated (the movie was based in the early 70s and sexually liberated was a term used then) yet it also showed the men saw her as she was just someone for sex. At the end in a gory murder a man saw her as an object of his rage.


Sadly the movie seemed to in a way blame Theresa. Blame her by showing that her behavior as being sexually liberated will get you killed. I am not sure if it was intended message or it just came across that way. The movie did not blame her for being independent, she made good money teaching and was a good teacher for the deaf. It was like the movie was saying “being independent is good but don’t have sex”. There was also a kind of “what did she expect” to the movie. Although I would think for the real case that would have been the attitude.

Any thoughts on movie or the case?

The trailer. The wiki link is about the real case.

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