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Thoughts on Breaking Bad From A Fandom Newbie

Because I'm terribly lame and didn't feel like watching Breaking Bad when it was actually on, I've been watching the entire series on my own time now that it's over. I'm at Season 3 Episode 6 currently, and I dunno... I kind of don't see what all the fuss is about. *don't stone me*

Firstly, it's just not that engaging. It moves really slowly and kind of only gives me just enough to keep me curious about what happens next. Towards the end of Season 2 was pretty solid and I loved it, but everything before that I could have done without I think.


I've managed to avoid spoilers throughout this entire run (because I have super powers) but I do vaguely remember seeing an article pop up here on Jez I think about everyone hating Skylar, which I completely don't get. Granted, perhaps she does something in a later season that I haven't seen yet that warrants that reaction, but as it stands for me now, she's just trying to navigate the fact that she just went through a pregnancy she didn't plan for, her husband had cancer, lied to her about paying for it, and oh, also HE COOKS METH ON THE SIDE. Nbd. I'm not entirely sure how you can find fault with her wanting to protect her children from that, and divorce the man who put her entire life and livelihood at risk.

But mostly, I'm not loving this because Walt is a DICK. As in, COLOSSAL asshole. I get that he has/had cancer and that can fuck with a person's personality, (I'm already past the point where he's in remission) but he's basically the worst person on earth. He's demeaning and dismissive to Jesse, not to mention that he blackmails him into avoiding criminal charges in exchange for helping him commit EVEN BIGGER CRIMES. I really really hate him. And I know he's an anti-hero. Dexter was an anti-hero but I loved him and his ENTIRE M.O. WAS TO KILL PEOPLE. (Although I'm still livid at how terribly Dexter ended. *fumes*) But perhaps that says more about me that it does about Walter... In any case, to me, Walt is just a guy who gets caught up in his power, and starts wielding it over the people he's supposed to love.

And don't get me started on his gaslighting of Skylar, and the episode where he just MOVES BACK IN against her wishes, knowing full well that for the sake of their son she won't go to the authorities even though she has a very solid reason to. He's busy letting Walt Jr. hate her, when he knows that ANY RESPONSIBLE MOTHER would be taking the steps she tries to take. I mean really though? I hate him. I really do.

Hmm... Trying to finish season 3 today so I'll see if my opinion of him changes, but somehow I doubt it considering that "I am the danger that knocks" quote that I've seen floating around the internet. (Yes, I know I probably bungled that.) Lol.


I weirdly don't mind most spoilers, so feel free to discuss this and Walter without abandon. I only ask that you don't reveal MAJOR plot points or twists. I'm actually kind of looking forward to hearing how you guys feel about his relationship with Skylar, although I can understand that it might be different from mine due to episodes I haven't seen yet. But yeah... thoughts?

ETA: I really like Jesse. He's almost too stupid for words but I think he's hilarious, and I sympathize with him about his poor relationship with his parents. Also, next Halloween I'm going to go as Jesse Pinkman. Everyone will know I am him because instead of doing "whiteface", I will add "BITCH!" to the ends of all my sentences.

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