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Welcome To The Bitchery

For someone who really despises debating politics, the idea of spending two hours doing just that makes me itch. But in the end it was a fairly interesting way to spend my morning.

We had an undecided high school girl who knew what she was about and had good reasons for not wanting to cast a vote for either candidate in the preliminary poll, so she drew really good arguments out of both sides, while also demanding to have women voices be heard when only men were being allowed to speak.

We also had a first time voter from the UK with a really good perspective on the candidates coming from the outside.


And the one guy who tried to start yelling and calling names and using fear tactics to sway people was shouted down and told very firmly by our precinct leader that we weren’t going to go there.

Also, when put into an elementary school gymnasium, grown adults seem to revert back to their school days and become incapable of shutting up for 10 minutes to listen to the person with the microphone.

Also, we had to say the pledge of allegiance, which I found really weird.

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