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Thoughts on Cosby

I have been saddened, angry and depressed over this. I was in many ways a Cosby kid. I grew up as a little boy in the 1970s and loved Fat Albert. Forget Mr Rogers, who I still love, but it was Cosby the TV person who taught me so much. Lessons on respecting others, lessons on human dignity, lessons on behavior and lessons on empathy. In the 1980s he taught about family, Claire and Cliff loved and respected each other, listening to others and respect. Most of his lessons to me in retrospect came down to one overlapping lesson RESPECT. Yet this man whose lessons were so important then and yes so important now. Yet this man whose lessons were so important was a man who lets face it was a serial rapist. In my mind I keep trying to square the two, how can a man teach two and more generations of children and young adults the lessons of respect and dignity yet in reality has neither. A man who never listened to his own lessons. We live in a society that is becoming shattered, a society where empathy and respect are seen as weaknesses and greed and hatred of the poor and weak are considered strengths. I am so saddened by all of this. There was a 90s song Where Have All the Cowboy's Gone well for me today Where Have All The Role Models Gone. Cosby for me defined what a role model should be, yet in the last weeks thats been shattered. He is a horrible human being, yet a man who to me and many others of my generation and younger was a man to look up to, to embrace what he taught via Fat Albert and Cosby Show. I keep thinking his lessons are still so valuable and so few shows give lessons like that Cosby was the best at this. Although because of who he was when the cameras were not rolling the lessons become muddied. Or were his actions on film because of his actions off camera? Did he think by giving these lessons and acting as a teacher and role model on camera it gave him a liberty and pass to be a serial rapist thinking no one would believe them or his public actions compensate? Is this a lesson to be even more cynical when a public person is seen as a teacher and role model? So confused. In my mind I have such a hard time squaring the two, Cosby the serial rapist and Cosby the man who taught two and more generations of young folks about respect, dignity and other important lessons both for then and now. These two Cosby's are extreme opposites yet its obvious both embody one person. Yet in all of this I think there is an ultimate lesson which is like a pool in my mind, I can sense and see it but not sure how to word it. Help.


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