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Thoughts on Dawson's Creek (and bad coping skills)

The coping skills refers to my first final of grad school- which I utterly bombed yesterday. I proceeded to stock up on the best/worst comfort foods (Ling Ling potstickers, Ben and Jerry's phish food, and uncrustables pb&j sandwiches, if you're wondering) and binge eat while watching the first season of Dawson's Creek on Netflix. I caught some episodes when I was younger and home sick from school, because it was on syndication during the day, and I'm running low on things to watch on Netflix, so I decided to check it out. So, here are my thoughts:

1. The replacement theme they had to use because they don't have the rights for "I Don't Want To Wait" on Netflix is super lame. Did you know it's not even a real song? The full version is 30 seconds long, and even the woman who wrote it doesn't know the words anymore.


2. Dawson is a total Nice Guy (TM). I love when he alternates between telling Jen how in love with her he is and calling her a slut. And he talks about what a nice guy he is ALL THE TIME. We get it. You see yourself as generous to a fault. And like most people who describe themselves as nice guys over and over again, you're kind of a jerk.

3. Michelle Williams is ridiculously gorgeous.

4. I remember really liking Pacey when I first saw the series- especially whenever he interacted with Joey. They're cute together, and he actually seems pretty sweet. But why do they have to have the stupid plot about him sleeping with the teacher? It's so gross and it seems to go on forever (although I guess it was only like 6 episodes). She kisses him and then goes "we have to end this" and then keeps kissing him. EVERY EPISODE.


Anyways, I hope everyone else is having a better day! Or if not, that you at least have some comfort food as well.

ETA 5. That time Pacey talks about how great the Mighty Ducks movies are is gold.

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