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Welcome To The Bitchery

Thoughts on ditching a smart phone?

Good morning everyone!

I have been considering ditching my iPhone and getting “just a phone” to keep from compulsively checking FB, here, etc. I get SO irritated with my husband and his phone use. He has ADD so as soon as there’s something happening in the living room, company, or nothing happening he’s on it playing games and what not. So he turns to it when there’s activity he’s avoiding or if there is no activity to avoid, either way it *feels* like he is forever on his phone- and that has ace me more sensitive to my use. The other day my toddler said “no look at you phone mama" and my heart broke into a million pieces. But- I really love the camera, the email is kind of necessary because of a group I volunteer with, and my banking app is a lifesaver. But- I could probably access those on my kiddos tablet which is always in the backpack with me and lil guy. Or maybe start deleting apps? Thoughts? Anyone done it themselves?


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