Hey cooking Gters. My Mom has been wanting an electric pressure cooker and asked me to research (hah) and grab one if I saw the price go below $100. Two popped up this week. One a 5 quart Instant Pot (100+ 4.5 start reviews) and the other a 6 quart Cuisinart (1000+ 4 star reviews). I am swayed by Cuisinart brand name. I have done no research.

Price about the same, savings better on the Cuisinart, so it seems a no-brainer, but thought I'd see what the knowledgeable folks here thing. I'll be surreptitiously reading the reviews whilst in my next meeting.

EDIT: I guess the biggest difference is that the Instant Pot is one of those multi-function cookers—rice cooker, slow cooker, electric pressure cooker all in one. I'm usually suspicious of multifunction things that try to be too many things, but my Mom doesn't have a rice cooker. Will mull this over, which should make not rolling my eyes at work a lot easier.