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Thoughts on Frank Sinatra and his 100 years

During this month there has been a celebration of Frank Sinatra who would have turned 100 December 12th. HBO has an excellent 4 hour bio of him. A very complex man. For his time his work on trying to end prejudice was incredible especially his work to end it in Vegas. Yet he also was friends with the Mafia not so much the drug pushers of that time, 60s, but the older ones from the bootleg era. His admiration and work for JFK in 1960 only to be stabbed in the back by RFK due to his friendships with the mob.

His work in movies from From Here to Eternity to Oceans 11 to First Deadly Sin. His music Strangers in The Night, Fly Me To The Moon, Love and Marriage, NY NY and of course My Way.


He died in 1998 so some were very young here, being born in the second half of 60s I knew him at the twilight of his career, the 70s and 80s and mostly via his movies and my grandmothers albums. The least couple of years has been an awakening to his music. Tonight in PBS they had Live From Lincoln Center singers singing his songs. Watch it if its repeated. Seth MacFarlene is a remarkable good singer who hosted and did a number of his songs. Sinatra never had the widest range but few could deliver a song like him.

My Way 1971 Frank Sinatra, youtube has countless songs of his.

I know many here loooove music what’s your thoughts on his music and him. Buble kind of comes across singing and delivery of a new Sinatra not that Frank could be replaced. I suspect wardrobe style wise a suit and tie is long gone. Sadly. The older I get the more I wish to see that style come back.

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