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I went to the dentist today (I live a charmed life, try no to get jealous), and as I was walking back to the car, I spotted this sign outside a construction site.

I had a giggle, took a picture, and came home.

When I looked closer, I noticed a link to a website, so I followed it, and I was totally taken aback by what I found.


Here's the video from the TedX talk this eligible bachelor gave earlier this year:

No idea how to embed video!

He talks about how the current blueprint for manhood is broken, and how men need to learn to take off their masks and open up more, and is very frank about his own struggles.

Not at all what I expected when I saw the funny sign in town!

Also, he hitchhiked across NZ with a fridge!

Would love to read your thoughts on this, lovely GTers :)

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