So chritter's post about a rather prolific commenter/GTer last night was revealing and sad. Because the internet comes with a whole lot of baggage and the issue of imposters online is not new and will likely to continue forever.

I've been hanging around Gawker/Jezebel since 2009. I was using a different handle (one that I deleted partly because of the Great Gawker Hack and because once, when I was in a bad place emotionally and turned to GT for consolation, I received a negative response from a GTer and just crumbled, and deleted that account) and I was a starred commenter on Gawker TV!

I don't remember how I wound up on GT, but I liked the sense of community and encouragement here. I'm not as prolific as many of you here but I do remember a few names from a few years ago. While we are contending with #raffeygate of late, I still remember the whole incident with GareBear. Wherever and whoever these people are, I hope they are doing well and not hurting themselves or other people through their actions online.

I think I'm one of the handful of GTers who do not live stateside/EU. When you guys are awake and starting your day, I'll be winding down after a day's work and getting ready for bed. I live vicariously through the meet-up updates and hope that maybe one day I'll be able to pop by one of these meetings and say hello!

Until then, this is me, in my grandmotherly nightgown.