I was pondering about stuff and what Sugarhill wrote and the responses. I totally agree about saving historical documents, pictures and diaries even newspapers especially relating to war like WW2 or US Civil War. I remember on Antiques Roadshow a man brought in a Confederate Beltbuckle. It was worth a lot of money to US Civil War Collectors.

Are there some things not worth saving? Is a Nazi or Confederate medal, or uniform or any nonwritten or nonpicture worth saving. Documents, pictures and diaries tells us all what happened, these are the things worth keeping because these are the things that tell the story that force us to remember. Do these other things have historical value beyond just looking at? Like US Civil War collectors who collect buckles, uniforms, knives etc. They don't tell you anything beyond that they were mass produced and used.

I am still twirling it around in my head. I always kind of had a problem with these collectors of stuff. I respect those who solely collect the paper related. Or those who buy books about history. I met a lot of people who buy Civil War books which is awesome.

I would love your thoughts on what I wrote. I could be convinced I am wrong but these are my thoughts on this subject.