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Welcome To The Bitchery

Thoughts on self-learnin' with MOOCs?

I guess "self-learning" isn't quite right, since MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are online classes created by huge teams of faculty, assessment specialists, tech workers, etc...but I'm thinking of taking one on edX on Computer Science, to "further myself", but I have no experience actually TAKING ONE. Which is stupid, because I work with people researching them. So my question is, has anyone taken a MOOC and actually got through it? Or maybe just got what they needed from it? I'm wary of committing to something and then failing, since my puny self-esteem can't take another perceived failure (a separate issue - maybe someone should create a self-compassion based MOOC?)


(Also, is it weird for a counselor to have a serious crush on the tech industry and keep slowly inserting herself into it? I feel like Buster from Arresed Development. I feel like a groupie. A weirdly self-reflective, scarf-wearing, rapport-buildin' groupie.)

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