I recently tuned in to the Texas livestream (thanks, IthinkIlostit, whose blog has a good live discussion happening right now!) and the first full testimony I heard began with a prayer. The speaker then proceeded to speak up for a group of people who are "not typically heard from: the fathers who are denied the chance to be fathers, the brothers who are denied the chance to be brothers, the uncles who are denied the chance to be uncles" (paraphrasing based on memory). Then he went on to talk about his personal experience, when his sister got an abortion and he didn't have any choice in the matter.

You guys, because his sister made a choice (being a slutty slut) and then didn't want to deal with the consequences (in the form of nine months of pregnancy followed by having a living human being dependent upon her for the next 18+ years), he didn't get to be an uncle. Stop the protests, everyone, because if abortion is legal then this guy is never going to be the cool uncle, he's just going to be some weird bearded guy who prays at inappropriate times.

On a related note, this picture is from a liveblog of the session, and I eye-rolled so hard. Barring a weird twist of fate, this is probably not the only chance that this man would get to be a father. Yes, you could say that an abortion is "lost fatherhood", in that there was an opportunity for fatherhood to happen and no fatherhood happened.


Fun story: my parents lost the experience of having an Ivy League-educated daughter. By which I mean that I decided not to apply to or attend an Ivy League school, and even though I still have a brilliant little sister who might do so that's not really relevant here and I don't know why you bring it up.

You can't lose something you never had. There are literally infinite things in this world that did not happen to you and some of them are good and some of them are bad, but none of them are on your sign because you know that forcing other people to go through hardship so that they can happen is utter and undeniable bullshit. I regret not winning the lottery, but I'm not going to petition the legislature to keep people from buying lottery tickets just because I really really wanted it. I regret that when I went to the store the other day they were out of Zyrtec, but people are still allowed to buy the last bottle of Zyrtec for their own allergies.

You are not entitled to something that causes other people harm just because you want it. That's not how law works, and that's not how morality works. Just as you can't force someone to get pregnant because you want to be a dad, you can't force someone to remain pregnant for the same reason.


Furthermore, while you're welcome to give your input to your partner regarding your potential spawn, if you're not physically responsible for giving birth to said spawn then it's not your decision to make. If you're not actually responsible for that child in any biological or legal way (like if you would be its uncle) then you get zero input. Zero.

Fortunately the pray-for-the-menz guy was followed up by the Associate General Counsel for the Texas Hospital Association, who proceeded to lay down why requiring practitioners have admitting privileges outside to a local hospital is bullshit and basically impossible to follow through on, and several members of the committee backed her up. (Although then one of them started talking about Gosnell and STOP JUST STAAAAHP.) She's awesome enough that one of the committee members asked that her testimony be reduced to writing and provided to the committee; when the chair said he didn't think they could do that, the committee member said that he would put it together himself and pay for it out of pocket because he thought it was that important. Fuck yeah.

And then! (Sorry, this is getting long and rambley because the livestream is on in the background while I type.) And then! An OB-GYN talking about how much safer abortion now than it was pre-Roe and also much safer than childbirth, the reasons for late-term but pre-viablity abortions, why the pain argument doesn't make sense ("If you're going to talk about pain at 20 weeks, why not at 40 weeks? Are we going to force babies to go through the birth canal still?"), and other things that are actually medically relevant.


I'll stop my commentary now, since someone representing thousands of churches just came up to talk about an industry "whose only purpose is to end human life". And also about his baby girl, born at 21 weeks—and yeah, she died after 8 hours, but GOD GAVE THEM THOSE 8 HOURS SO ABORTION SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

And I really want to hug the sobbing woman who thinks she's a lesser person for "murdering her babies", even though she wouldn't accept my comfort.

WAIT WAIT. Holy fuck. This guy just came up and slammed the legislature for many things. First statement: that he's been a rape survivor for 56 years and that a rape kit could have helped him so he would very much appreciate getting the facts straight thank you. And: "If harm comes to any woman I love as a result of this bill, I will hold this body responsible." I honest-to-god teared up at this man's testimony, because it was so damn powerful. Let's go out on this one.