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Thoughts on The Exorcist, episode one

It’s October (basically) so it’s time for SPOOKY stuff. Since I haven’t been super captivated by American Horror Story and Scream Queens bores me, I’ve been on the hunt for a good scary show.

The Exorcist looks like it could be that show! Take note, horror fans!

I’ll start with the cons: the first episode definitely feels like a pilot. It’s really fast-paced, very much to the detriment of the creepiness factor. There are also some silly fake-out jump scares that just don’t need to exist. The episode gets to the premise of the primary action almost immediately, with no build-up. At one point a character literally describes spooky things happening instead of the showing them to the audience.


Pros: even with all that said, there was a lot of great creepy shit! I’ve seen major release horror movies that weren’t as well produced and choreographed as this show. Where the episode had little restraint in the story department it had a ton of thoughtful restraint in the design of the scares. The use of movement is especially notable. There isn’t any gore per se, but there’s a lot of physical manipulation. (Which is to say there’s violence, just not gore.)

One choice I love the show takes is being both wholly in-universe regarding the supernatural—this is a show that’s in the universe of The Exorcist movie, after all—while still allowing its characters to reflect real world beliefs. Like...


... one of the priests pretty clearly is having something like a crisis of faith, or at least leading up to one, and he openly tells another character that demons aren’t real. You’d think a show about demons being exorcised would at least have the priests believe in them, no? No. And it’s nice that he doesn’t, that he’s on the journey too.


I’m a big fan of haunted house stuff, ghost stories you tell in the dark, etc. and this is right up my alley. Please go watch it so it doesn’t get canceled!

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