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1. Regarding gamers in general, and the article reposted from Kotaku to Jez specifically, why is gaming full of misogynists? Is it just an extension of Peter Pan syndrome with the “no girls allowed” attitude? I’m very confused. I don’t participate in gaming, which just adds to it. But I think it may come down to not wanting to give uo what is “theirs” which seems to always be the case in situations like these. Maybe there’s nothing special about gaming but...I don’t know. I tend to look at the gamergate situation the same way I look at hardcore bernie bros: These guys feel like failures, or have failed in some way, and are looking to lash out at anyone coming into their space. Especially of they perceive those people as somehow having it easier than them.

2. There was something off putting about that Yoselyn Ortega article. I’m kind of surprised it is getting so much praise. It felt very unclear. The case itself makes me uneasy. A few commenters pointed out that it was a classic family annihalator case, but it’s harder to see b/c Ortega was the nanny (and is a woman).


3. I am still waiting for Jez to cover the Hart case. Or at least cross-post an article from The Root. I can’t stand their “Rise” series but this is where getting in contact with Devonte Hart’s bio mom/aunt would actually show the bias and racism in CPS (she lost the children due to drug addiction, but they weren’t being abused and IIRC she was working on getting clean. This stood out to me because I have worked in a small capacity with white babies suffering from NAS and as long as the families are getting clean, there is an emphasis on keeping the family together. And in general things have to be bad to have parental rights terminated. Not to mention how the abuse of the Harts was overlooked by those who knew them, and law enforcement, and there are still a lot of people trying to ~humanize~ the Hart parents).

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