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Thoughts on two show Blacklist and Goldbergs spoilers



I watched the last two episodes of Blacklist last night. So confused. Could Tom actually be a good guy? And why is Liz so important to everyone? I suspect Tom is working for Alan Alda's character although if Berlin is a person then Alda's character has to be eliminated. Also how many times will Liz say "Red I never want to see you again" and mean it?


Goldbergs I so miss arcades. Anyone else miss them? I never spent money on them but loved watching folks play. I waited until they got on the NES and before that the Atari. Sadly Pacman Atari was not the same as the arcades in a lot of ways. I loved fighting games but never liked Punchout. Also do high school boys still give their varsity jackets to their girlfriends? That was big in the 80s I do remember that. Are varsity jackets still being made?

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