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Thoughts & prayers for my mom and family

Part of me doesn't believe this is happening. How could this happen to my family, not once, but twice?

My mom was recently diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain tumor. Almost two years ago, my twin brother was diagnosed with a Grade 2 brain tumor. My twin brother's surgery was miraculous, and he didn't require radiation, when the neurosurgeons had predicted 12 weeks of radiation after the surgery.

My parents lost their insurance at the beginning of this year, the same insurance they had when my twin brother's tumor was found. (We were 25 at the time). They have new insurance via the Marketplace.


My mom was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow in our local hospital, but because her neurosurgeons (the same ones who operated on my brother) are out-of-network, her insurance won't cover the procedure. The neurosurgeons have already offered to waive their fees and do the surgery for free. Regardless, the insurance won't cover the surgery, even though the hospital is in-network.

She has to have the surgery this week. Postponing the surgery a day or two is okay, but this is a fast-growth, malignant tumor that did not show up on her MRI six months ago. She will need radiation and chemo afterward. The sooner she can have this removed, the better.

We are trying to figure out an acceptable combination of neurosurgeons and hospitals that will be covered by insurance and will have the experience and technology necessary for a successful surgery. We are all extremely upset that she can't have her neurosurgeons, in our local hospital, perform the surgery.

Please please please please send happy thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers to my mom and our family.

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