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Welcome To The Bitchery

Grandma just died.

She was my last surviving grandparent.

I was able to see her in Denver over Labor Day weekend.

I've known this was coming for a long time. She's been in hospice care since June. But it still hurts.


And my mom has brain cancer, and she's in her second round of chemotherapy.

My twin brother is getting married on Saturday. Which is great, and I'm happy.

But my aunt who couldn't bother to attend my wedding reception will not only be in attendance, but told my mom that "she wouldn't miss her oldest nephew's wedding for anything."


And my former best friend who didn't invite me to his wedding last year, who wouldn't return my Facebook messages, or texts, or phone calls, will be a groomsman.

So I just have all these emotions all at the same time.

And Beau is out-of-state for work, so I can't even call him to come home right now.


I don't ever share pictures of anyone except Beau and me, but I'm making an exception. This was the last time I saw Grandma.

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