Cw: Thoughts provoked by Ann Coulter "women lie about rape for attention" article on main page. I'm sorry I've tried about five times to put a CW in headline, but this new publishing tool is the worst and won't let me add a headline.




Okay, about the "Women lie about being sexually assaulted for the attention" bullshit. Firstly, obviously, as the article talks about, hahahaha yeah, right, because copping to being a sexual assault victim garners such a positive and life-affirming validation and attention.

But secondly.... has anybody here ever actually known of a person lying about having been sexually assaulted? Ever?

I have known of ONE SINGLE person who said they were raped, then said they were lying about it, and I believed that they were lying. It was YEARS AND YEARS AGO, someone who confided in me (and later turned out had confided in several other mutual friends, each time as though we were the sole person she was confiding in) that she was raped as a teenager which is why she wasn't interested in sex now. Only much later (long story, irrelevant) she told us all that it wasn't true, she had just been deeply ashamed and embarrassed about being a 23-year-old virgin and felt like she needed to come up with an explanation for her apparent lack of sexual activity when the rest of us were screwing like bunnies and sometimes doing that obnoxious thing young people do where you humblebrag about your sexual exploits as though it's a life experience that makes you superior to people who haven't started Doing It yet.

So one person. And it wasn't the typical MRA wet dream where she lied about someone in particular to get them in trouble, or to attack any kind of institution, or discredit someone. She didn't make a fake report to police or anything, she didn't "waste" resources such as treatment or counseling, or take advantage of support networks and advocates. She just told a strange lie. And yeah, I was very pissed off for ages, as were other people she'd lied to, but that was the extent of the damage.


Has anybody else EVER known one of these mythical Women Who Lie About Rape For Attention And Lolz? Because this is all I've got.

Edit for clarity: Obviously yes I'm aware that statistically some people, somewhere in the world, lie about being sexually assaulted. What I'm interested in is if anybody is willing to share if they personally have heard of it being done, and what the situation was. Because I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than "for attention!"