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I get the point of the article. I just do not entirely agree. I was put off though in first paragraph dismissing the idea of an Emotional Support Animal mere prescence being a help.

I have met a woman who takes her dog everywhere and my mother talks to her in thrift shops. She has about a 8 pound dog which she keeps in top part of her carriage in stores. She told my mother her dog is to help her not get stressed and to calm her but she is not a real service dog and has never been questioned. Her dog is clothed akin to what a service dog wears. No clue why she admitted this.

I believe if a dog behaves and is in a shopping cart if the mere prescence helps the person deal with stress or another emotional problem I have no problem. The dog is providing a service.


I do agree firmly the dogs must be absolutely well behaved. I also think these dogs should be small enough to fit in a grocery cart.

I.understand where the author is coming from but dismissing “mere presence” annoys me. To me its dismissive of those who suffer from anxiety and other emotional problems. If the prescence helps them that is a service.

I am using small dogs since for many all is needed is their prescence. A small dog can satisfy that. Also beng in a cart they are not in any ones way. Also a dog cart is fine. The dog also should be near invisible meaning they do not bark, jump around etc.


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