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Thoughts while reading A Dance with Dragons. May contain possible spoilers.

So, I am currently listening to the audiobook version of ADWD. And...I don't know; so far, I find it enjoyable, but find myself getting a little bored and annoyed.

The pacing in A Storm of Swords was great; and that ending! A Feast for Crows was interesting; I really enjoyed Arya's chapters. But holy moly, did it meander.

This book meanders too. And WHY does Martin use the phrase "much and more" at least 43 times per chapter?


And Tyrion kinda sucks in this book so far. All of the wittiness, quickness, and jibes I've so enjoyed from this character are gone. ALL his witticisms are reduced to weird, sexist comments that have to do with "the hole between her legs" or something always objectifying, or petulant. Or, not very funny or particularly clever quips about his own dwarfism. I loved Tyrion in the other books, and I just feel like the Tyrion we encounter in this book is faaaar inferior to Tyrion in the past 3 books.

Please tell me Daenerys does not marry that one dude from Meereene. Please. Anyways, how did you guys like the book? Remember, I haven't finished yet! So aim to avoid spoilers. I just got to the part where Ramsey Bolton reluctantly gives 'Reek' to Roose Bolton. Oh, yeah, and I find the 'Reek' chapters traumatizing, and difficult to get through.

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