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Thoughts While Watching Nikita, season 1

After my post on loving The CW, I realized it was finally time to watch Nikita. I'm nearly midway through season 3, and have decided I need to do a random thoughts post. My random thoughts were too numerous, so this is part 1. Spoilers will abound, I'm sure.

Season 1

By the middle of season 1, I can have opinions on things. There's enough material to know the characters and where the story is going. Early on, thoughts were pretty much: That's nice, but when are Nikita and Michael gonna start doin' it? Or how long has it been since they were doin' it? Aww, Thom has a little crush. I wonder if those two will be doin' it by the end of the season.


So, I tend to focus on the romantic storylines, especially on shows I don't care much about yet. Which is why I need to cross that 5-episode threshold. That's when the plot arc really gets going.

I'm digging Alex. I like the use of her naivete, mixed in with her cunning and hidden confidence. It's an interesting take on the apprentice-learning-from-the-master storyline. She's gonna break Thom's little heart.

In episode 7, the boots Sara is wearing in front of her son's house—I am coveting those so bad. Lovely cognac brown mid-calf, on a solid heel with a great triangular shape. They are so me, I have to find them. I have to travel back in time to 2010, and find them.

Sometimes this show reminds me of Alias, and then it doesn't. I like it.

Another thing I'm coveting? Nikita's home base. It's right up there with the Salvatore's boarding house (TVD) on my list of Not-Real Places I Want to Live.


The high ceilings? The enormous windows? The vintage mouldings? Yes, please. I can fix the paint and wash the windows, and make the most dramatic drapes ever and it will be perfect.


The use of lies in this show is really interesting. That's a terrible sentence. Let me elaborate. Often, the show says one thing, while showing us that it's really something different. It's about time I started really paying attention.

Aww, poor Thom. I was calculating when that guy was Nolan's evil social-climbing boyfriend on Revenge, but I thought he was going to last the season. Poor guy, got his little heart broke and busted. But replacement guy Nathan-the-neighbor, saying Michael sounded like Batman, had me rolling. I was just wondering how much gravel Shane West had been chewing since A Walk to Remember! And this episode has one of Ziva's almost-boyfriends from NCIS. (I love Ziva's almost-boyfriends. I even like her evil boyfriends.) Which reminds me, when will Omid Abtahi make another appearance? Preferably as not-a-terrorist?


Did they recast Owen? Or was he always played by Devon Sawa, and it just took me 18 episodes to recognize him? Because it could go either way.

So Nikita is on a quest to destroy horcruxes? Awesome. Four episodes later, Pyro even called them that!! Yes, I'm on the same wavelength as the guy who spends too much time with computers. Sounds about right.


Is it me, or is Alex's nightmare Russian self a lot like Orphan Black's Rachel? cold, calculating, in control,..short haired?

Coming soon: Season 2.

(I haven't finished the series, so no season 4 spoilers please.)

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