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Thoughts While Watching Nikita, season 2

Season 2 (spoilers)

I watched season 2 in a day. 22 episodes within 24 hours, with enough time for a solid sleep. It was spectacular. I wish every weekend could be so successful.


The second season is more Mr. & Mrs. Smith than Spy Vs. Spy, and I think they've shifted it well. Spy vs. Spy was hot, but this is fun, too. It reminds me a lot of Human Target. And it keeps the spy vs spy aspect with Alex working with Division.

Mostly it reminds me of Alias, but once in a while, I get a strong Dollhouse vibe. I'm digging it.


Seriously, though, why is Michael dressing like Angel?? Were knee-length leather coats still stylish in 2011? apparently, finding out he has a son makes him dark and broody.

I am loving the use of subtitles. I love when language finds its way into television stories. Jane The Virgin has its Spanish; Nikita has her Russian, Chinese, et al. I love it to pieces.


Alex's backstory is pretty great. I mean, it's tragic, of course, but it's really meaty for dramatic purposes. I also am loving that a show named Nikita spends so much time on characters not named Nikita. I adore the depth they've given Michael. His backstory surprised me, but in a good way.

I miss the loft.

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