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Season 3 (spoilers)

I'm a little annoyed that we went all of season 2 with no one asking anyone to marry them. Pretty heavy relationshippy stuff happened, and no reassuring commitments were made? I'm glad they wasted no time in season 3, and Nikita's girly moment when he shouted "your engagement ring!" is the kind of cheesy silly that I love about this show.


I have spent all this time recognizing Sean's face, but not really sure where from. Today, I gave in and checked his imdb page. So glad I did. He's done a few projects that I've seen here & there, but then I saw it: the big, famous-to-me credit: MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives. Such trash. I watched every second. As soon as I read the character name, I remembered all of it. I remembered his longer hair. I really want to watch that show next, but I can only find it for sale on Amazon, and I don't like it $37-worth. It's delightful, delicious trash, and I devoured it on SoapNet (RIP). Somebody else, tell me you watched it. Fun, right?

Lyndie Greenwood might just be my favorite on Sleepy Hollow—a show I'm quickly growing tired of—and my love of Jenny is just made stronger by my love for Sonya. I am loving how they've turned the little positive microexpressions in her first appearances—the subtle respect for her opponent—and turned it into a relationship with our favorite tech guy. I am tiring of the Ichabod & Abbie destiny story, but Jenny is far more interesting, with her secrets and excellent quiet moments. I'll be watching Ms. Greenwood in everything, from here on out. Now I just want Sonya to let her hair down, just once.

Alex is terrible at romantic relationships? Finally! Something I can relate to!

Nikita cut off Michael's hand?!? Was this a comic book? Are these comic characters? Because that's the only excuse for something so melodramatic. How does that serve the story? So Michael will get a new hand, and wear a glove for the rest of the series. Is it to create a rift between the two of them? Because they already overcame the Grand frickin' Canyon of emotional rifts, in season 1. This just seems like an unnecessary choice.


The bit with Alex & Nikita, talking about working an op, no boys in need of rescue. "Well, there's always one...:)" That, right there, is why I love the CW's shows. That is a recurring theme. I'm glad that there's a network that consistently moves forward, rather than treading water (0r backwards) with its programming. Woo feminism!

I'm at the point where I realize the end of the series is soon, and I don't want it to end. That's a sign of an entertaining show.


That mutiny storyline came out of left field, but it still worked. So sad. For everyone. And Alex compartmentalizes. A lot. Probably too much. But it makes sense, for a trained assassin. I feel like there was a lot more to be mined in her relationships with Sean & Owen. I feel like the actors put a lot out there that was just left hanging. It could have been really interesting, if Sean was in love with Alex, and she loved him, but lacked a spark, and what that all meant. She had a spark with Owen; a common bond that was different from what she had with Sean. In the end, I think the writers couldn't figure out what to do with Sean, or were constantly worried for budgetary reasons, and kept him on the outside, even after they brought him inside. I still really like Alex, but I'm starting to think it's for all the accidental reasons, and I'm reading too much into her little moments.

Anybody else notice Ryan looks a lot like Superman? Maybe it's the hair.

Sonya let her hair down!!! Yay!!!!!!

I still miss the loft. The sexy, dramatic, massive loft.

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