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Thoughts While Watching Nikita, season 4

Season 4 (spoilers)

I've decided it's cute that she calls Birkhoff "Nerd." At first, I found it annoying, but she says it with such joy and love, it's adorable.


Aww, everybody got haircuts! They look so nice! Sonya is sticking with her hair down, for a change. Love it.

They have a plane?!?!?! Man, I miss the loft.

Michael's done fighting for he and Nikita? I call BS. Exhausted, sure, but done? Bish, plz.


Adding Birkhoff's father to the storyline is fun. I didn't think there could be more fun, but here's a bit. And it gives him the depth his backstory was lacking. I loved finding out that he, too, had faked his death. Can't be in this club unless the world thinks you're dead!

You guys!!! This season is full of easter eggs! The news reports from around the world that included the words, "la femme Nikita," and the club in Paris named after Luc Besson!!! Why do I love that shit so much??!?


It had a good ending, too. I'm glad they didn't force Alex into a relationship—they maintained that she's bad at it prefers distance and keeping things close to the vest. It made perfect sense for her character. And Nikita & Michael eloped (duh) and can't sit still. That seems right.

Bye Nikita. It's been fun. Thanks for kicking ass and being vulnerable, same as all your friends.


If you missed them, here's season 1, season 2, and season 3.

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