I was thinking besides King what are good horror writers mildly famous that should be read Koontz too famous. Along with Books of Blood writer Clive Barker.

. I love early Graham Masterton. His books Famine and Plague are excellent,.his Manitou series at least first three are jaw droppingly good.

Traditional horror. I loved

The Pariah. Picture this your spouse has drowned then comes back. This is what happened in the novel a couple living on the seacoast, his pregnant wife drowned. She comes back. He welcomes her, well not smart.

The Wells Of Hell.


Something seriously is going wrong with the town’s wells. Well folks enter and discover well cannot say anymore. Based loosely on Colours From Space by Lovecraft.

The next two are going to be controversial. The first is more traditional horror/ghost story but disturbing. His first novel in my opinion was his best. That was Suffer The Children. His early works were very good. Latter works not so much except for Blackstone Chronicles which was excellent though unlike his early works..The writer is John Saul. His last book was in 2009 but he is still alive.


The last. He is defined as Hardcore Horror. He is. Stephen King and the other two above would be considered Children’s Writers. That novelist is Edward Lee. I do not think he has nor cares about limits and lines in novels. I discovered his novel Lucifer’s Lottery.

It takes place in Hell..A devout priest wins a lottery to go to Hell. His tour guide is HP Lovecraft. It poses the question is it better to be a big shot in Hell or an ordinary person in Heaven. Its grotesque this Hell. Lee takes anything in your nightmares of Hell and says “let’s make it worse”.


Slither is also a very good novel by him..About an island where zoologists go with a photographer and discover well worms. 30 foot long ones that change people. Also the military scientist are there.

I think if he knocked off the sexual aspects he would be far more better known. He has interesting envelope pushing horror and a good writer but he brings in sex and you want to scream “imply don’t describe there is a reason horror writers avoid sex scenes”.

Any other writers you want to add? I cannot recommend Masterton more.

Anyone like these writers?