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Three Little Things

GT, tell me three little things about your partner(s) that make you love them.

I don’t know about y’all but the little things are big things to me. This can go both ways: little annoyances add up but the cute little things add up, too. So it’s nice to remind yourself of the sweet little things, I think.


Little things that I love about Homey include:

1. How sweet he is with kids and animals. When he’s with the cats and thinks I can’t hear, he sings them little songs. I don’t tell him because it’s too cute and I don’t want him to be embarassed and to stop singing.

Also, I got several texts this morning asking me how the new cat’s fitting in with the old cat. He’d been at work less than 2 hours and I’d already gotten 10+ texts about the cats.

2. Even though it annoys him (or at least he pretends it annoys him), he still does a lot of celebration stuff that’s important to me. Like, he hates making stockings at Christmas but he does it. He also will watch Hocus Pocus with me while we carve pumpkins every year. He celebrates our dating anniversary as well as our marriage anniversary. All because it makes me happy.


3. In our 18 years of living together, he’s only left the toilet seat up, like, twice. Last night, he had a friend over and the friend left the toilet seat up. That happens so rarely, I was aghast. I actually said, “What is this, 1942?!” I have no idea what that meant but it made me realize that I never have to deal with lowering the toilet seat. And I’m grateful for that!

‘K, GT—your turn! Tell us 3 little things about your partner(s) that make them wonderful and you grateful!

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