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Three novelists I mentioned where to start

I mentioned three writers this last week and seems some are unfamiliar so here is where to begin.

Christine Feehan her novels where sex between vampire males and mortal women the ground shakes and storms happen. Along with too many woe is me pages. Really nothing more pathetic then a depressed vampire. Start with the first novel Dark Prince it sets up why they tend to be so woe is me. The world Feehan creates is actually interesting but has too many depressed vampires. I got through book seven. Could not read any more “I need a mate so I will not see the world in black and white and thus become a true evil vampire” ugh.Yes it comes across as stupid as saying “If I get cataracts I will become a criminal”.

Lyndsay Sands. Yes Accidental Vampire is my fav of the Argeneau family. You should start with Single White Vampire. Its about the son Lucern who is a best selling highly reclusive biographer of his family but they sell as romance novels. His editor convinces him to go to a romance convention to meet his readers. Of course Margeurite his mother agrees. Very, very funny. This will give you a feel of the Argengeau family.


Katie McAllister yeah start with Sex, Lies and Vampires. Read Feehan first since its obvious the vampire was inspired by Feehan. Its a funny novel. I did get rapidly bored with her novels.

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