Went shopping today.

A) Remember Tom Clancy’s Op Center novel series? Well to paraphrase the little girl in Poltergeist II “its back”. Yes the series is back. I used to like Clancy’s novels in the 1980s and 90s. I stopped with the Ryan series with Executive Order, 1000 plus pages was way too long. I thought Sum Of All Fears and his others between that an EO were getting unweildy.

Why most successful authors increase novel length? James Clavell got ridiculous. Seriously did anyone read his 1400 page Noble House? Three times I tried and got as far as 400. Clive Cussler was also geting absurd but someone it seems told him to knock it off.

I was devestated during the Iraq war how gung ho Clancy was about the Iraq war then other things I read I never felt the same and stopped totally his novels and series novels. I am going to google the authors to see their political party and views. Its ominous the title is Out of The Ashes. I hope its not homage to William Johnstone Ashes series. I went through a craving over ten years ago of post nuke novel series. Deathlands written by lots of folks published by Harlequin, The Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern a good series actually, absurd and very soap operish at times it involved time travel, future Nazis, undersea civilization etc. Ashes was the worst hyperviolent and main character was more villian then good. Deathlands is exceedingly formula driven.

2 Remember the one dollar watch? Well a jeweler told my mother the diamond chips were worth nothing which she knew, gold plate worth nothing. A new stem would cost 60 to 80 dollars.


I assume everyone knows that about diamond chips and gold plate. Also if you see the words gold embraced on a shopping channel its gold plate. Gold filled is good, gold plate bad for value. Plate can also as you know wears off.

3 Burger King chicien nuggets are not bad. I had a three dollar coupon for 10 nuggets and large french fries.