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Today we went shopping including BJs Wholesale. Sadly they were out of Oreo Churros at snack bar.

1) We.went for mall food. My mother and I both got an order of LoMein. In line there was this guy behind me. I noticed him when he yelled in my ear essentially. “Feel free to walk away” and I saw this boy around five scampering away he then yelled louder essentiallly in my ear “come back here” the child scampered back. My mother nor grandmother would never, ever have given contradictory statements like that. I was very annoyed a).giving a child contradictory commands and b) doing it essentially in my ear.

2) At Bjs Wholesale a sample was a cup of V8 juice, Original flavor. Unpopular opinion but I gag at the sight of V8 juice. I tried it before and it ranks up there with Philip’s Milk Magnesia and Cod Liver Oil.


3) I thought she retired but I guess she has not. Anyone like her books?. The writer is Danielle Steel she used to be wicked popular. Not sure any more. I do remember people who tended to buy her books were over 60 and women. They seem to be romances. So any Steele fans? If so what are good ones of hers. I saw this new book of hers at BJs

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