Prediction One. Hillary Clinton will be the democratic nominee providing no accidents or health issues.

Prediction Two. Bibi Netanyahu crossed the line verbally and it will be end of his career.

Actually I am surprised this is not a bigger story. Its so jawdroppingly wrong and as close to Hitler apologist territory as you can get. I assume his hatred of Patestinians is so great he will do anything to further mass hatred of them. As awful as Ben Carson said about guns and the Holocaust this is many multitudes worse. I am in such a rage over this. He knew better then to say this.

Politically he is gone. If not that will not be a good reflection on the voters.

Prediction Three: 2016 will not be a tide election. Hillary will win but House will remain same, Senate I predict 51 to 49 Republicans in control. Republicans like Senator Ayotte are playing up to the center for now and will get reelected. Of course they will revert to their old right wing ways after election.