CNN and MSNBC have been talking a little bit about this. I found an article kinda more detailed… still though confusing. The gist is a third person's DNA would be inserted for mitochondria to curb or stop genetic problems and diseases.

The fear is long term it could lead to designer babies. I have another problem, DNA is linked to Down Syndrome and homosexuality. This seems to be the next step is eliminating Down Syndrome. I am sure the right wing will spend billions trying to eliminate homosexuality in the genes. If it can be done, which I don't know. I am all for this 3 parent thing if it can eliminate diseases and cancer that one passes on via the genes. I find eliminating sexual orientation abhorant.

I though am not sure about Down Syndrome. Yes eliminate the health problems associated with it but do we want a future society without people with Down Syndrome. As a child I knew kids with Down Syndrome and they had an utterly unique view of the world, as an adult I have dealt with few but again there is a uniqueness. A uniqueness I am not sure if we should lose.

Again for this I am on the fence. I understand why some parents would not want a child with DS nor be able to handle it. Although lets face it having kids is a roll of the dice in many respects, multitude of problems could happen.

Confused. Whats your thoughts.