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Three reasons I can't stand the main page...

So when my post was mainpaged the other day I was like "Oh boy... I'm gonna get the same comments over and over again." Sure enough.

I stopped commenting on the main page ages ago because I'm tired of reading the same comments over and over again. Really? You don't think someone else was gonna say exactly what you just said? People think they're so clever and original when they aren't.

Also, people cannot read worth shit on the main page. I stated once in the beginning "I know this is used to flirt" and at the bottom "I KNOW this was supposed to be compliment". Why do you people tell me things I already stated like I'm going to have this epiphany and they just convinced me to change my mind? No. I told you why it's annoying and why I don't like it, I never said it wasn't a compliment in the example I used above. It's intent is besides the point, the question in and of itself questions why someone is single and implies there's something wrong with the person. If you disagree that's fine, but don't tell me things I already know...


I don't even mind the trolls on there because trolls will be trolls. I just hate the repetition and I hate that people seem to refuse to read what I type.

Finally: stop inferring things that aren't there. When I used to comment, trolls and non-trolls alike would infer things from my comments. You don't get to make up something about my life because I didn't put every single detail about that anecdote in my comment. Stop it. If you want to know, then simply ask instead of inferring random shit.

At least on GT if someone disagrees with you they tell you why and they can make a logical argument.

All right that's all I had to say. What do you hate about the main page? Also, I don't absolutely hate the main page, just lots of things about some of the commenters. Just in case that wasn't clear.


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