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Three teenagers shot within 1 hour in Chicago last night

One of the teens, 17, was declared dead at the scene with two gunshots - one in the head.

A second teen was shot in the 1500 block of West Superior. This is in a neighborhood called West Town, which has a burgeoning restaurant scene along Chicago Avenue. The Michelin starred Mexican fusion restaurant Mexique is only 2 blocks away from the scene of this shooting. Its chef, Carlos Gaytan, will be on the next season of Top Chef.


The third teen is a 14 year-old boy who was walking home, heard gun shots, then felt pain. His uncle drove him to the hospital.

I focused on the restaurant in detailing the second shooting because I keep wondering how to make the gun violence in Chicago relevant to white people. Will they care if they realize that the violence isn't cordoned off on the South Side? Even if they realize that it's literally 2 blocks away from where they are eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant, will it make them care about the violence city-wide, or just about decreasing the violence in their neighborhood?


It feels to me like the reason that so many people in Chicago don't care about gun violence is that it's not happening in their neighborhood - but underlying that is a sort of victim blaming: "Well, they live on the South Side. Everybody knows it's dangerous on the South Side." But it's a lot of teenagers getting shot. Teenagers don't pick where they live... but because of where they live, it seems like people assume that they are gang members and were therefore asking for it.

I'm a white person and I'm not doing anything to curb gun violence. I don't know what I can do. I am thinking about starting a blog where I rewrite the daily Tribune write-ups geared to make them relevant to North Siders - pointing out how close some of the shootings are to places they know and frequent, seeing if I can find out anything about the victims to humanize them. It is such a big problem and I don't know how to even start changing things in my city.

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