Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well four. I have been busy so not posting much. Sorry. I will try to be better.

1. Xfinity HD gave us a new app for their box. It’s called tubi. It has free movies but they remind me so much of the bargain bin at video stores containing movies no one wants to see.


2. My neighbor has a mainly brick house and had incredibly beautiful ivy all around it. The ivy was there before her and her late husband bought the house 40 years ago. Today the ivy is gone. My mother said we got rid of our ivy since it ate into the brick chimney. She agrees with the removal especially since neighbor is selling. I love ivy on brick.

3. WTF Vamperonica. I read the first two issues. I always disliked Reggie but killer he is not. Vamperonica is Veronica from Archie Comics. Why are they destroying my childhood memories. 

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