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Three Things From Amazon, Dinner Edition

This post is in the vein of Worth It - not sponsored or affiliated / linked in any way. I'm in a rural area and just fucking love Amazon. I've bought everything from chopsticks to tires, and since I've got Prime ($79 a year, but see if your parents already have it - if they do you can share it, even if you don't live with them) I get almost everything shipped 2nd day at no extra cost.

Making Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf.

I realized while cooking dinner last night that a) if you eat meat & b)like spicy foods then you need to try this meatloaf and c) I used a few of my favorite Amazon Prime purchases while making it. Really, you need to try it. It's a recipe for when you want to hang out in the kitchen and chop and cook and have people ooh and ahh over something that will blow their expectations out of the water.


CulinHome 8 Inch Chef's Knife. It's $12.50 with Prime. Seriously. I have a high quality knife set, but occasionally reach for this one because it's like having a piece on the side, it's just fucking hot and I like the way those eight inches of almost-strange look in my hand. And that price - that's an amazing price for even an "eh" quality knife and this soars past eh straight to "really good."


Silicone Cutting Boards by Norpro Cutting boards piss me off, demanding counter or cabinet storage space the way they do (I know, just me) so I love these less-than-five-bucks boards - they come in a pack of three and are super thin, cute & slide into just about any crevice I can find for storage.


Bialetti Trends Collection 5 Quart Pasta Pot. This was a gift, and I hate to tell you that it's a bit over $40 right now when I know you can get it cheaper, but it's so freaking CUTE, I love it, and squee over it, and it isn't just for pasta, it's amazing for mashed potatoes. You wouldn't believe how much pasta you can cook in there. I made two pounds of fettuccine in there night before last... do you know how much pasta that is? A. Lot. Did I mention that it's oval? I didn't! It's oval, so it's also perfect when you've got other things cooking.


And seriously, make that meatloaf.

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