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I loooove the 1980s but seriously it gave three really, really bad songs that are so bad they make other bad songs look good. I absolutely hate these songs may not objectively be the worse but for me are the worst.

Weather Sisters Raining Men. Ok stop for a second and think about the lyrics. Men falling from clouds. What will happen to them. They will go splat. Land on a person two splats. Land on a car splat crunch. Etc. This was a super popular song.

I get what they were trying to do make a fun song about men falling to them. The reality kills the song. Good voices a pity it was a one hit wonder. It also is the ultimate ear worm.


Second song. The video is nonsensical and the song seems to consist of one word “hey”. The song is Art of Noise (a band) Close (to the Edit)

I have no clue what the song or video is about. It was filmed in NYC. Its just defines bad song and horrible nonsensical video.

Third song was an uber popular 80s song that was way overdone for basketball games. Song is Jump by Van Halen.

Hearing the song once is bad but every basketball game on tv, in 80s post song release, you heard this. Maybe not every game but close. I have not seen a basketball game in years I hope this song is a faded memory for basketball games. Also jumping if you do not do it right could cause damage to knees or ankles so don’t jump if you do not know what you are doing. Actually you are better off avoiding jumping unless you have to, I do not jump since I do not want to injure myself. Also if you fall when jumping it could damage your wrists when landing if you stick your arms out.

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