So I wanted to make this a thing, and finally am able to post (its be a fun day trying). Feel free to reply even if its not thursday

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of the entire year. I love almost every aspect of it, except the fact that the scariness of it dies down every year. Other than that, absolutely love. From trying to carve pumpkins, haunted houses, to listening to horror music.

What are some of your favorite Halloween Relics?

My personal Halloween loves:
Hocus Pocus
, more specifically, the seen where she sings 'Come little children'.
Are you Afraid of the Dark- I was up every snick watching this, and sometimes these episodes had me afraid to turn my lights off at night.
Nightmare Before Christmas. I just love everything about this movie, and could right a novel about how much I adore it. I even decorated my desk at work with this I love it so much

What about you?