My goal is to make this a thing we do on thursday where someone on Thursdays presents a topic about something we all loved and cherished from our past. A nostalgia post if you will.

Whether it be Movies, Cartoons, CDs, Comic Books, Candy, sitcom, board game, urban legend, talk show, Commercial, anything. It can be very specific topic (Best/favorite 90210 episode) or more broad (favorite 90s pop song). I'm just hoping its a thing we do on Thursday around this time, the first person who comes up with something they wanna throw back to, they'll bring it up. (If need be, we can assign, but I'm assuming someone will always have something to bring up).


I'm gonna be a little bold here. And say the percentage of music that SUCKS now a days is much higher than it was in the 90s. Don't get me wrong, there was crap then, but it seems like there is more crap now. I don't even listen to FM radio anymore (no joke: AM news Radio now). Yesterday I was going through some OLD music videos on Youtube and came across this gem.

from there I pretty much listened to the entire album. I loved some Lauryn Hill. It sucks how her career fell apart.

What were some of your favorite songs, music, music vids from the 90s?

ETA: I Just remember, I'm old. And some of you were born in or right before the 90s. My apologies.


ETA 2: I feel even older