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Throw your Milia knowledge on me (&OT)

Hey Groupthinkers! It may seem like it’s been a while but that’s just because I haven’t been spamming you and I’ve been calmly lurking in the shadows. (I really miss having a like function for a post, I know I can rec comments, but why not the original post?)

Anywhoo. I’ve been having a serious Milia problem for the past year or so. I’m talking dozens or hundreds of spots. I’ve been taking care of my skin ‘better’ but to no avail. Sometimes when I’m scratching at my face (I never used to do that before my face started looking like I had inverted freckles) one of the little bubbles will come out, but new ones show up faster than they disappear. I know they’re harmless but... They bother me. So since the GT is wise I wondered if anyone had any skincare tips particularly for this? I keep looking online and most of the stuff I can find is how to remove them, not how to keep them from forming in the first place.


My current skincare: Morning = Oil face cleanser (as suggested by a beautician), a makeup primer with vitamen E & Hyaluronic acid, rolling with a face roller, Nivea Daycream with 15 SPF (I don’t use makeup).
Night = Oil face cleaner, a calming cottonseed serum (or something), roller, nivea Nightcream.

That’s it. Do you have any particular product that you would suggest? Or a type of product? I am open to anything at this point 😅


Also, how are you? How are our Californian members? Is everyone safe and okay?

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