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Thunder Moon

Good evening, lovelies! Blessed be on this glorious night. This full moon in Capricorn got me feeling like

Tonight’s full moon is edging on Pluto, adding an extra element of chaos to an already chaotic, emotionally charged time. Capricorn represents stability and institutions, and Pluto is their upheaval and undoing. If you’ve been finding yourself feeling like you’re standing at the precipice of a great change, this is the moon that will bring it.


Does anyone else practice a moon ritual? Set intentions or practice mindfulness?

Tonight I’m sitting on my deck, by myself in the dark with a cup of tea and my thoughts for company. I’ve definitely been feeling the need to make a change in my life, and I want this tide of energy and emotion to give me the strength and clarity I need to make change a reality. I’ve been writing down my intentions for the month, as writing them forces me to focus on what I want to attain and how it makes me feel. Having them in my moon journal gives me something tangible to revisit through the month.

Whether you have a moon ritual or not, do yourself a favor and step outside tonight. She is bright, and beautiful.

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