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Thursday afternoon grumblecakes (OT)

Grumble grumble grumble.

I refuse to believe any conference call NEEDS to be 90 minutes. Especially one for a volunteer project-I’d put up with more if I were being paid. I tried to say that I would be 15 min late to the call, but it was rescheduled just so I could make it “because they need everyone there for every minute.”

Grumble, grumble. My poor mom. Thanks to everyone for their gift ideas a few days ago! I got socks and sheet masks and a meditation cd. I also shared a bunch of audio books. Shes been enjoying them, I think.


But they told her last night that she might need a third surgery (in the space of 10 days) because no one could figure out why she wasn’t healing, but the doctor would be in in the morning to tell her one way or the other. So she wasnt allowed allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight.

Cut to 1 pm today. Doctor still hasnt shown up. The nurses are giving 6 different answers about when we can expect him. And my mom is a total wreck because she hasn’t been allowed to eat drink or have coffee (so she has a splitting caffeine headache), is on her 5th day of total bed rest, and is desperately hoping to avoid a third surgery. Me and my mild mannered dad were close to going out and tearing heads off.

They finally allowed her to eat because it looks like it’s too late to do surgery anyway today but still no doctor visit.

What is pissing you off today?

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