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morning lovelies!

been MIA for a couple days, i know. anyway, how are all of you??

i have had a busy week at work, but i am happy to be occupied for sure. i’m doing some emails and other such stuff as i slowly eat away at the raspberry paczki my dad got me and sip some vietnamese iced coffee. i’m looking forward to the weekend - our office holiday party is tomorrow (we close between xmas and new year’s day, so our holiday party is always in jan). oh, and i plan to make gumbo this weekend because i was too busy to make any in the fall, and saturday night i have dinner with my coworker and his wife! they are planning a trip to japan and wanted some ideas.


so yeah, nothing too eventful here, but i always miss when i get too distracted to drop y’all a line.

anyway, you all know what to do! i peek in and out as the day marches on!

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