Can we be done with the week?

My hair wizard might get really mad at me. I need to save up to move but I badly needed a hair update, so I did it myself. I look like a peacock now. Some of the blue turned my hair a smoky violet and it looks really cool. The downsides of not having my hair wizard do my hair includes dye all over my bathroom, all over my hands, and not having her signature ring light photos of how cool my hair looks. Honestly, it’s worth the extra money to go to a professional even if it’s a simple color update.

ETA: This very messy arial shot of my after work bun on my noggin is the best I can do to depict the craziness going on with my hair. I see you, monster feet slipper!

Also today, my boss pulled me into a meeting room so that she can fully vent about the insufferable temp. I’ve never seen someone so nice blow up so much about a person. It’s impressive how difficult everyone finds the temp to work with!