This is an open thread. Talk about whatever you want. The themes below are just there to help with discussions. Come hang out in the comments and get to know one another.

Like Sunday this will feature a musical theme and then a general theme or themes. Keep in mind since this is an open thread you can talk about whatever as long as it stays within the GT guidelines. Today's music theme...EAR WORMS!!!!!

An ear worm to me is a very catchy song that somehow stays in your mind after days, months, or even years of hearing it. My favorite earw orm:

Science Friday did an excellent post on ear worms which has an excellent playlist of ear worms.


So today's music questions are:

  • What is your favorite ear worm?
  • What is your least favorite?

Do you remember VHS? Of Course you do. I will never forget the time I recieved my favorite one.


It was Easter of 1999. All I wanted to do was listen to my BSB, Spice Girls, and Brandy in peace but no I had to get dressed up to hunt down eggs that the "Easter Bunny" laid out(even though we just dyed those eggs the day before like every year).

Wasn't really enjoying the Easter egg hunt because I was in a dress and was mad that we had to dress up to hunt eggs in our small ass backyard. Anyway, I went to go find an egg I had dyed that came out perfect. However, I found the greatest movie I had ever received as a gift in a gift basket: THE RUGRATS MOVIE. Seriously, I was crying for the entire day like I had just won an Oscar.

So what was the last movie you brought or received that was in VHS format?

Yay or Nay?

Rye Bread