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Welcome To The Bitchery

Some folks seemed interested in the outcome of my bra whisperer experience, so here’s a post about it! Or talk about whatever!

I went to Orchard Corset Center in the Lower East Side of NYC. I’d heard of this place years ago, I forget how, but never visited. I read some Yelp reviews so I had an idea of what to expect, and it was exactly as described: a straightforward, whirlwind experience with a good outcome!


The store is run by an older Orthodox Jewish couple. I was greeted very kindly by the husband, I told him I wanted a bra fitting, and I waited a couple of minutes to be seen by the wife. She. was. amazing. I was whisked behind a curtain and she very efficiently helped me into about 8 different styles. There was no measuring, and the first one was the best. I bought 3 styles in the end. The first one is for everyday wear, and I got two of those. The second style is a little frumpier, kind of vintage looking, but looks amazing under clothes. And the third she brought “in case you want something a little sexy”; it’s very structured mesh with thin straps over the cups.

I was sure I was wearing the wrong size (38D) but she told me not to worry about the size on the tag. She brought me a few different sizes and the ones that fit were 36DD and 36F. She also explained that she chose them because “when you have broad shoulders you want everything to come in to look more narrow in the front”. Indeed, these bras lock and load. I’ve worn the new bras for two days now. They are much tighter in the band than I’m used to wearing, which bothered me at first, but everything is so secure that I don’t notice it now. I never have to adjust during the day, which I often would have to do before. Plus they will stretch a bit over time.

I felt like I was in a movie, back in time or something. It felt VERY Old New York. Some people could be put off by the no-frills, “this is what you need, take it or leave it” experience, but I was Here For It and walked out happy. Highly recommended if you live in NYC! Here’s an article about it:

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