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Thursday Morning OT

How’s your Thursday? Any plans for today or the weekend coming up?

I’ve finally updated the time logs spreadsheet and send out my reminders so I’m just updating here and there with things coming through. Next to do the due diligence, I need to make some headway with this before a meeting tomorrow. This week has been glorious in terms of HR lady having a new temp and therefore not giving things to me to do. I’m now devoid of HR responsibilities! I left at 5.30 last night because my Partners weren’t there and got home at 6.20! You don’t understand how great that is, normally I get home at 7 which is nearly dinner time and I don’t feel like I have time to sit and relax. We’ll see what time my Partner who’s in today leaves for whether I leave early today. Definitely leaving early tomorrow though as no Partners in. What a nice feeling.

Kitty slept on the chair yesterday evening which was cute, we had a little cuddle. She was cute this morning, crying at me and stalking around like a tiger. Cutest was when she wanted to get off the window ledge and popped her head around the curtain. Her little face is everything.


Tonight my Dad is out so my Mum and I are ordering a curry. I’m super looking forward to it! I haven’t had a decent curry in god knows how long. I’m paying as I finally got paid a salary on Tuesday and the money was good. I put some in savings already but I have plenty for the month ahead. I also put some money in my ‘cat fund’. It’s a fund for when I’m moved out and get kitties of my own - I want to have some savings for vet care as it’s expensive. I don’t want to get caught out if something happens with one of the kitties. I’ve only got £400 in there at the moment but now that I’m getting paid more, and a salary, I’ll be able to put a lot more in there.

What preparations for the future/incidents do you have, GT?

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